Core Areas

NJ ACTS is organized into 14 cores, each providing infrastructure, tools, services and expertise to the consortium community of clinical and translational researchers, trainees and staff. A few cores, such as Pilot Grants, Biostatistics and Community Engagement provide seed money grants, while others, such as Informatics and Special Populations, are developing tools to help faculty access clinical datasets. The Career Development Core supports young faculty as they develop their research programs, and the Training Grant Core provides doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows interested in careers in translational research with support and training.

Cores Rutgers Leaders Princeton Leaders

Reynold Panettieri, MD (Director)

Mark Einstein, MD (Associate Director)

Informatics Frank Sonnenberg, MD  
Community Engagement

Shawna Hudson, PhD

Alfred Tallia, MD, MPH
Team Science

Nancy Reichman, PhD

Ralph Gigliotti, PhD

Daniel Horton, MD, MSCE

Workforce Development Lauren Aleksunes, PhD Laura Murray, PhD
Pilot Grants Arnold Rabson, MD Samuel Wang, PhD
Biostatistics (BERD) Jason Roy, PhD Brandon Stewart, PhD
Regulatory Céline Gélinas, PhD  
Special Populations Steven Crystal, PhD Dalton Conley, PhD
Trial Acceleration and Recruitment

Sunanda Gaur, MD

Howard Kipen, MD, MPH
Biomarker Maria Gennaro, PhD  
Machine Learning  

Jonathan Cohen, MD, PhD

Yael Niv, PhD

Nathaniel Daw, PhD
Career Development Sally Radovick, MD

Daniel Notterman, MD

Training Grant Kathleen Scotto, PhD

Daniel Notterman, MD