Career Development (KL2)


The KL2 is an Institutional Career Development Award aimed at training the next generation of scientists in research relevant to human diseases and preparing them for independent research careers. The NJ ACTS KL2 identifies junior faculty, referred to as Scholars, who are committed to careers and research in clinical and/or translational sciences.

Award Provisions

The KL2 has the same benefits and requirements as individual K-awards from NIH. It provides up to two years of support which includes: 80 percent protected time (applicable to Institution); funds to defray research costs; tuition support; and professional travel.

Requirements and Opportunities

  • The KL2 program provides Scholars with an opportunity to pursue a Masters or Certificate in Clinical and Translational Sciences
  • Participation in the program requires a 1-3 year commitment beyond the 2 years of support from the KL2
  • The Society of Scholars provides a community of junior faculty, fellows and postdocs with Career Development Awards and opportunities for peer mentoring and development of mentoring skills
  • Each Scholar will have a primary research mentor and a mentoring committee to support their development
  • Scholars are expected to present their work at the NJ ACTS annual retreat

Scholar Training

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for each Scholar will guide training and acquisition of knowledge and skills. The IDPs will include a research question, hypothesis, study design and approach, and a narrative statement of longer-term career aspirations. Scholars will also participate in a Core Curriculum, based on core competencies, as well as an elective curriculum comprised of courses appropriate to their research and level of training. Training plans include required and elective didactic programs, seminars/workshops, and other career development programs. The Core and Elective curriculum will require 5-10% of the Scholar’s time during the 2-year training period.

Scholars can avail themselves of the resources of the NJ ACTS Core Facilities, which the program will introduce them to. As a capstone of the mentored training, Scholars will prepare applications for independent funding or for additional mentored career development. 

Additional Information and Application Guidance

For more information about the program, eligibility criteria, and the application and selection process, please visit the Career Development Award page. There will not be an application cycle in 2024; timelines for future career development awards are to be determined. 

Learn more about current and past KL2 Scholars here.

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